Tragedy Begins

Sophia twisted in the sheets; her sleep interrupted by a trailing hand along her thigh. She moaned as the hand connected to her exposed sex, grazing her moist slit. Turning onto her back, she watched as her lover’s form moved under the sheet, his unseen actions arousing her even more. She spread her legs and allowed him greater access, giving a small cry as two fingers slipped inside.

“Oh…” She bucked as his fingers glided through her, moving with deliberate slowness and increasing her desire. Soon, he quickened the pace, his head bobbing. With a groan, she inched her ass towards his strokes, needing more of him.

“Oh, Dom…”

Dominic pulled out, his fingers rimming the edge in slow circles. She tensed, waiting for him to re-enter and jolted when his tongue lashed her. It dipped inside, his mouth a suction against her clit, driving her insane. A layer of heat enclosed her and she threw the covers aside, allowing the cool air to temper the fire that surged within.

As his tongue stoked the fire between her legs, she gripped the sheet, bracing for an incoming orgasm. It came in a rush, pinning her to the bed. Her groans filled the room as Dominic continued to lick her dry, his mouth like a greedy vacuum. Before she could catch her breath, he was on her, filling her again.

His slim hips pumped steadily, and his cock touched nerve endings his fingers hadn’t discovered. Still recovering from his tongued assault, Sophia struggled to breathe as he dipped and eased through her, his repetitive movements summoning another arousal. Her flesh tightened around him as she erupted and it pulled him to his peak.

“Ah, Sophia…fuck.” His body convulsed above her as he continued to curse. She stiffened beneath him as her remaining morals burst through the haze of arousal. In the last year she’d fallen for Dominic and strayed from her virtuous path, giving him her most prized possession. And with her relationship gaining strength, she quit her role as youth leader in church. Still, she fought to keep a few standards alive, including her disdain for cursing.


“Sorry,” Dominic grinned through his panting, seeing her frown. Sophia’s pureness attracted him from the start, for it proved a challenge he’d been more than willing to take. It was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but he eventually broke her defenses and took her innocence as a prize. But although he’d taken her virtue, there remained ground rules she refused to depart from. And he respected that. “I got caught up in your sweet, hot pussy.”

She shoved against him. “You are so crude.”

Chuckling, he bent to tweak her nipple and she tensed.

“They’re sore,” she reminded him.

“Oh hell, I forgot.” He moved to her side and glanced down at her stomach, beneath where his unborn child lay. The unplanned pregnancy had thrown him for a loop, but Sophia would be a good mother; he knew. “How are you feeling?”


“You ask me now, after you’ve devoured me.” She caressed her belly, experiencing a rush of excitement at the thought of the tiny human inside. “I’m great.” Except for the daily bout of morning sickness, her two-month pregnancy had been a breeze. It was the last thing she’d expected—or wanted—for her relationship with Dominic contradicted everything she religiously stood for.

An attractive woman, with smooth, dark-chocolate skin and a vow to remain chaste until marriage, Sophia had a hard time keeping men at bay. For years, she’d held on to the belief that sex before marriage opposed the bible’s teachings, and she’d vowed to remain pure until her ordained husband came along. But Dominic changed all that. At first, she resisted him, but his charm eventually broke down her defenses. Guilt almost destroyed her, but his love brought restoration. Now she realized that he’d been the man meant for her all along. Sure, he came with unorthodox ways, but in her heart, she’d found her soulmate. She did not regret giving him her virginity, or leaving the church. Someday—and she suspected soon—Dominic would marry her, giving her an opportunity to return to the fold. For now, she wanted to cherish each passing minute with her growing family.

Her phone alarm sounded, and she rose to turn it off. With Camille’s wedding a few hours away, she had an hour to get to the hotel for prep. Any minute now the drill sergeant—Ava—would ring her cell to deliver a reminder. Not that she needed it. Of all the girls, Sophia was the most punctual.

Today, however, she wanted nothing more than to remain in bed with the love of her life, a rare occasion since lately. A medical executive in high demand, Dominic’s work took him out of town often, leaving her missing him more each time. She longed for him to settle down. When the baby came, he would have no choice.

She swung her legs to rise from bed, but Dominic’s hand on her arm gave her pause. “Where are you going?”

“It’s Camille’s wedding day, remember?” But she allowed him to pull her back in bed. “I have to get to the hotel by eight.”

“It’s just seven,” he replied. “Spend a little more time with me.”

“I wish I could, but I need to be on time. Ava will chew my ass off.”

“I doubt she could,” he gave a roguish grin and reached around to rub her butt. “There’s a lot of meat back there.”

“Oh! Stop.” She pried his hand away, blushing.

“Am I wrong? You have a high, firm…” he slipped his hand behind her again; “…meaty ass that I love.” Squeezing her butt, he watched as her face heated with arousal. “And a tight, wet pussy I want to sink into again and again.”


“And again…I love being inside you, touching you, watching you come.” He reached between her legs and stroked her, and she bit her lips with a tiny moan. “I love making you wet and fucking you until you beg me to stop.”

“God…” She was so hot that his cursing sailed overhead. Nothing else mattered but her ache for him.

He pressed his hard dick against her sex, making his intentions clear. “I want you, Sophia.”

Without another word she opened to him, giving him all of her. She would do anything he wanted; her love for him was so strong. Her friends could wait; she wanted more of her man.

Dominic made love to her with a sweetness that had been absent in the first round, his lips and cock making her toes curl. She matched his strokes, taking as much as she gave, communicating her love for him. They came together, curling into a warm orgasmic cloud that buffeted them.

Sophia dozed in his arms, awoken later by her ringing cell phone.

“Oh no!” Seeing Ava’s name on the screen, she shot from bed and headed to the bathroom before pressing the answer button. “Ava, I’m on my way.”

“Where the hell are you? It’s almost eight thirty!”

“I lost track of time, sorry.”

“You were the last person I expected to call, Sophia. Tardy Kim, sure; but you—”

“I said I’m on my way!” Sophia snapped and ended the call. She pictured a shocked Ava standing stock-still in the hotel room, for Sophia had never lost her cool with any of her friends before. She was the voice of reason, the peacemaker—unless it came to Kim; they’d bickered since the seventh grade. But she had always kept a level head, despite the circumstances. No doubt, Ava would watch her like a hawk the minute she entered the hotel room and try to assess her demeanor. Ava had a habit of reading body language to decipher a person’s mood.

Deciding to take a quick shower, she stepped into the stall and reached for the soap, feeling a rush of nausea as she lathered her rag and the fruity smell of the soap rose. She gagged and ducked as a gush of vomit rose from her stomach without warning. The shower ran, washing the contents of her stomach away and she straightened when the nausea subsided. She showered without using soap, fearing the smell would make matters worse. I would hate to be sick throughout today. Any day but today.

As she stepped from the shower a wave of dizziness descended, and she stumbled and fell with a hard thud. In less than a minute Dominic entered, his expression brimming with concern. “Babe, what happened?” He reached down to lift her from the floor, his muscles tightening as he carried her curvy form.

“I feel like hell.” She curled in a ball the minute he placed her on the bed.

“Do you want me to call your friends?”

She shook her head. “They won’t know who you are.”

“That’s my fault.” He bit his lips with a tiny huff. “I should’ve met them a long time ago.”

“Well, you were waiting for the right time.” And she’d encouraged his delay with meeting the girls. To expose her relationship came with admitting her fall from grace. As far as her friends knew, her virginity and fellowship with the church remained intact. She could not bear to face their disappointment. But now, with a baby on the way, the inevitable day of reckoning awaited.

“That time is now, I think.” He patted her thigh and stood. “I’ll make you some tea.”

“No time. I’ll grab some food at the hotel.”

“Sophia, you’re not well.”

“I’m feeling much better,” she lied. “I don’t want to keep the girls waiting any longer.”

He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” Dipping to the floor, he picked up the pajama pants he’d slept in the night before. Rolling it into a ball, he tucked it in his overnight bag and removed a pair of jeans.

“Are you leaving?” she asked.

He looked at her, puzzled. “Shouldn’t I? There’s no reason to stay while you’re gone.”

“Will I see you tonight?”

“Sure. What time will the reception end?”

“Around nine. I could come by your place…”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting.” He donned a pair of boxers and stepped into his jeans and hauled a clean t-shirt over his head. Moving to her, he kissed her forehead. “I’ll miss you all day.”

“You are too sweet.” She nuzzled him as a rush of affection filled her. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” he whispered, staring at her with a lingering tenderness. He straightened and helped her to stand. “Do you think you can manage?”

“I’ll be fine.” She still felt like hell. But, duty called, and she had to answer. Luckily, she’d packed the night before, so after stepping into a sleeveless plaid print dress and underwear, she slipped on a pair of sandals and they headed out.

“Please, be careful,” Dominic warned as she entered her car. “And take care of my baby.”

“We’ll be fine,” she assured him, honking as she drove away. She arrived at the hotel in no time, with the sickness increasing with each step. As she entered the suite another rush of dizziness almost sent her sprawling, but she steadied, leaning against a wall for support.

“Sophia? What’s wrong?” Ava rushed to her with concern, taking in her dull pallor. Kim and Camille moved to her side, their expression matching Ava’s.

“Nothing; I’m overworked, that’s all.” Now was not the time to break the news. She walked past them to place her bag on the bed. “I need a minute to lie down.”

“There’s food, if you haven’t eaten,” said Camille.

“I’m fine.” The thought of food made her even more ill. She’d hate to throw up in front of the girls.

“Are you sure?”

“Cams, it’s your wedding day,” she replied. “It’s all about you; don’t worry about me.”

In a few hours, Camille would wed the man of her dreams, a milestone she well deserved.

In the past, because of a heartbreak, Camille lived a promiscuous life, sleeping with one married man after the other. Her careless streak brought her to Noah, who swept her into a whirlwind romance. Against the advice of her friends she fell for him, hard. Soon, Noah returned to his wife, leaving her broken. And although he did not want her for himself, he destroyed any man who tried to take his place. But when Camille met Marcus, Noah’s murderous reign ended. Now he faced prison time for a double homicide. Finally, Camille had broken free of him, creating a clear pathway to happiness.

Sophia gave Camille a forced smile, feeling even worse than she looked. “I need a few minutes, then I’ll be as good as new.”

Thankfully, the illness passed and she rose to get ready, praying her sickness would remain at bay for the rest of the day.


To her frustration, it didn’t, and throughout the wedding she battled with the urge to throw up. Standing in line and watching the proceedings, she wanted nothing more than to curl over a sink and empty her stomach. But the wedding had to go on; any movement would disrupt the flow.

So, she soldiered on, taking deep breaths to quell the queasiness. It was a relief to exit the church and inhale fresh air. But as she walked towards the lawns for a post-wedding group photo, a wave of dizziness took over, sending her to the ground.

It was time to come clean. There was nowhere to hide anymore.

“I’m pregnant,” she told her friends, the sensation like a great weight being lifted from her shoulders. There. She’d done it, and they seemed to accept the shocking news. She was glad they respected her decision to wait a while before revealing the baby’s father. All except Kim, who tried to dig deeper after the reception.

“Is he married?” Kim asked, when Sophia refused to reveal Dominic’s identity.

Sophia bit back a sharp retort. How dare Kim? Never in a million years would she date a married man. She wasn’t like Camille, who had found joy in targeting unavailable men. She had too much self-respect to stoop so low.

Offended, she turned to go, just as a man approached them. Before she could register his appearance, he pulled a gun from behind.

Run, Sophia.

But there was no time. She heard an explosion, the sound leaving a ringing in her ears. A hard thud against her chest, almost like a punch, sent her backwards. Her view turned upwards, and in the next instant, Kim leaned over her.

“Oh, god, Soph…”

She struggled to breathe. What’s happening to me?

“Help!” Kim screamed.

I can’t die. No…life is just getting perfect. My baby…

“Call an ambulance! Someone shouted, and Sophia felt a pressure against her chest. Lord, please save us, were her last thoughts, as darkness took over.