“Looking for me?” A husky voice sounded in his ear, stirring him. He spun, coming face-to-face with the woman who’d made his blood heat upon sight. He stared, wondering if he’d imagined her, but she confirmed her presence by reaching for his drink and taking a sip.


He continued to stare, surprised by her boldness.

“Cat got your tongue?”

Terrence cleared his throat, summoning his charm. He intended to add a witty comment, but all he got out was, “how d’you know I had my eyes on you?”

“I saw you from downstairs…I’m sure it wasn’t my imagination.”

“No, it wasn’t. My name’s Terrence; what’s yours?”

“Erika.” She touched his tumbler. “Any more where that came from?”

“Sure.” He led her to the booth to join the others. After a quick introduction, Charlie stood up, his eyes scanning Erika’s form. “I’m heading to the dance floor,” he said. “Seems that’s where the action is.” Behind Erika’s back, he gave Terrence two thumbs up with a wide grin.

Simone rolled her eyes, her disdain more obvious than ever. Pushing to her feet, she grabbed Eli’s hand. “Let’s go.”

“What’s her problem?” Erika asked, scowling at Simone’s departing back.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Shouldn’t I? I saw the way she looked at me.”

He patted her thigh in an attempt to temper her growing—and confusing fury. But the softness of her skin diverted his thoughts, and he began caressing his way to the edge of her dress.

“Your skin; it’s so soft…what do you use?”

Her eyes softened, and she relaxed. “Body butter.” Her gaze dropped to his hand as it continued to travel upwards, disappearing under her dress. “You’re so bad,” she murmured, inching closer to the edge of the seat, releasing a tiny moan as his fingers connected to her mound.

“Guilty,” he returned, pulling her towards him for a kiss. It was hot, but sweet, the hint of whatever liquor she’d drunk earlier on her tongue. Her lips were supple, but firm, and they moved against his with a hunger that matched his own. She rocked against his fingers, pulling him further in her mouth, and he continued to taste her.

Grateful for the table that blocked their lower half, he stroked her sex through the lace panties, struggling against the urge to part the seat and slip his fingers inside. A searing ache settled in his groin.

Just as he was about to succumb to touching Erika’s bare flesh, a popular dancehall song rose and the clubbers cheered. She broke the kiss and shot up with excitement. “This is my jam,” she exclaimed, extending her hand. “Come on, let’s dance.”

A blanket of desire covered him as they walked to the center of the floor. With the bodies of other couples surrounding them, they settled into a slow grind and she merged with his hard frame. Her lips grazed his neck as she rolled against him.

“You smell good.” Her throaty whisper sounded in his ear, heating him. In response, he slipped his hands around her waist, enjoying her softness. Her body touched his in waves, increasing the tension that landed the moment he’d laid eyes on her.

Suddenly she twisted, bending over to give him a clear view of her high, firm butt. He gave an internal groan as she backed up on him. His dick hardened, pressing against his zipper.


Like a self-conscious schoolboy, he looked around, thankful for the cluster that surrounded them. A slight tremor ran through him as she twerked, her ass gliding over his erection, creating a sweet pain. His hips moved on their own volition, working to ease the tension that resonated through his body.

Wishing there were no clothes between them, he rammed against her, bouncing to the beat of the music. His arousal thickened to a maddening point. Never in his life had he wanted to fuck a woman this bad.

Erika straightened and turned to face him, her gyration slowing. Her hand dipped to his crotch and she gave a sly grin as she fondled him through his pants. “Someone’s been doing more than dancing,” she said against his ear. Her hand continued to knead his hardness.

He resisted the urge to grind against her hand. “Stop,” he whispered, not wanting her to.

“Make me,” she returned, increasing the massage. “Stop me…” Her hands went to the button of his pants, then the zipper, unfastening them with a sharp tug. She slipped inside and her firm grip made him groan out loud. Grateful for the music that drowned his cry, he grabbed her hand. “Erika…”

“I want to feel you,” she replied. “All of you…inside me…tonight.”