The Sweet Unholy Revenge series is a duet that follows the journey of Anya Sterling: from grace to sin. A vulnerable innocent, she falls prey to a life of darkness. 


Book #1. A cheating wife’s demise.

Temptation knocked on Anya Sterling’s door.

The loyal, supportive wife was ripe to succumb. Her vow to remain at her husband’s side weakened due to his neglect. Time to take matters into her own hands. A short affair might just be what she needed.

Dean was out for revenge. He met Anya, who seemed to be the perfect pawn for his plan. But, Anya beauty had him wondering if he could fall in love again.

Could he convince her to leave her husband?

Will Dean’s relentless seduction cause Anya to break her vow and possibly ruin her life?




Book #2: The return of karma

Karma has no deadline… you get what you deserve.

Anya Sterling is the happiest woman alive. She’s given another chance at love when her husband, Bruce, agrees to reconcile after her brief affair with Dean. However, her joy is short-lived. Bruce becomes distant, and a neglectful pattern re-emerges. Determined to remain faithful, Anya fights to keep their love alive.

Bruce struggles to forgive Anya’s infidelity, his battered ego becoming the bane of their marriage. Eventually, his love for her disintegrates and his eyes wander to a former flame. He begins a intense affair, and Anya has to settle for second place.
An unexpected event forces him to make a choice between the two women.

They’re now at a crossroads, and Anya and Bruce will have to decide: should they proceed together, or is it time to walk away for good?

Mistress and a Murder is a two-part series that tells the story of a scorned woman who was blackmailed to murder her ex. She tried to remain under the radar, but the cops are closing in; will she escape?

Book #1: The beginning of the end.

The Beginning of the End


Book #2: Secrets Uncovered.

A dangerous killer is at large.
It’s Bridget’s duty to find the culprit responsible for the murder of Amell Scott, the city’s beloved mayor–and her ex-boyfriend.
Bridget’s affair with Mayor Amell Scott ended when he refused to leave his wife for her. Now he’s dead, and it’s her duty to find justice for the man she’d never stopped loving. However, solving the case will not be easy, although the killer is right under her nose.
Chris is an ambitious detective whose main goal is to solve Amell’s murder case—and take Bridget’s job.
There was one problem, however. He was madly in love with her.
He had a decision to make; should he put aside his love for her and stab her in the back? Or should he relinquish his dream for love?
Together, they possessed the skills needed to solve the most heinous case in the city’s history. Will their connection bring them together? Or will pride and private ambition keep them apart?



Dark Obsession is the first book in the Island Drama series. It begins with the story of Camille, who falls into a seducer’s trap.

The man of her dreams became an absolute nightmare…

Camille King was in love. She hopes to marry Carter, her college sweetheart and first love. But Carter does the unthinkable and leaves her for another woman. The heartbreaking tragedy forces her into darkness. After a slow recovery, she emerges a changed woman–for the worse. Vowing to never fall in love again, she embarks on a wild lifestyle.
Until she met Noah, a stud who effortlessly evokes sensual feelings from her core, taking her on a journey of sexual healing. She falls for him, hard.

Noah is addicted to control. With his sights set on Camille, he entices her with his sexual prowess, pulling her under his power. Blinded by lust, Camille succumbs to his dominance. Eventually, his dark side is revealed. Faced with a harrowing discovery, she tries to break free.
But it may be too late.