The Sweet Unholy Revenge series is a duet that follows the journey of Anya Sterling: from grace to sin. A vulnerable innocent, she falls prey to a life of darkness. 

Book #1. A cheating wife’s demise.

Temptation knocked on Anya Sterling’s door.

The loyal, supportive wife was ripe to succumb. Her vow to remain at her husband’s side weakened due to his neglect. Time to take matters into her own hands. A short affair might just be what she needed.

Dean was out for revenge. He met Anya, who seemed to be the perfect pawn for his plan. But, Anya beauty had him wondering if he could fall in love again.

Could he convince her to leave her husband?

Will Dean’s relentless seduction cause Anya to break her vow and possibly ruin her life?


A Cheating Wife's Demise
Sweet Unholy Revenge: The Prequel


Book #2: The return of karma

For every sin there is a consequence…
In the past, Anya had committed the ultimate sin…she stepped from the confines of her marriage and into another man’s bed.
Now, she is repentant, but is it too late?
The sins of her past are lurking, demanding retribution.
Will she find her way through the darkness?
Or will she return to her old ways?
The Return of Karma
Sweet Unholy Revenge: The Sequel


Mistress and a Murder is a two-part series that tells the story of a scorned woman who was blackmailed to murder her ex. She tried to remain under the radar, but the cops are closing in; will she escape?

Book #1: The beginning of the end

The Beginning of the End
A Mistress and a Murder: Part One